I created this blog to reach out to those who have loved opera for a lifetime but also to those who are about to enter into this magical world.

I remember vividly my first exposure to this unique art form, the sense of wonderment, my first performances at the Met, my first recordings, and also my growing awareness of the enormity of it all, its long past and its diverse present. I still find it enormous! I still find it wonderful!

If, through this blog, I can make your operatic moments better, then it is worth my time and hopefully worth yours. Everyone should have a source of deeply rewarding experience. Add the opera to your list.

Now a year later I am happy with the responses to my postings and encouraged to keep up the pace. I'm intentionally not trying to emulate the more august sources of music criticism, but rather to give you all an honest appraisal of things and a little humor when I can. Thank you all for reading me!

Now two years later, I'm updating the structure of the site. I remember those crazy weeks in 2014 trying to get the site functional before the beginning of the new opera season, but now it's time to overhaul things and learn more about it. Always time to shake things up!!

Now three years later, the joy of supporting in my own way local opera and continuing to cheer on the big fellows hasn't diminished. I wish I had time for more! Reply to operametromail@gmail.com. Love to hear from you! On to next season!